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Cookies problem

I have a problem when I try to get the cookies from the response header in the Titanium.Network.HTTPClient.

I use the following code:

var xhr = Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient();

var cookies = xhr.getResponseHeader("Set-Cookie");

and what I get is:

ASP.NET_SessionId=ir66445hj76y9fu9bx; path=/; HttpOnly

The ASP.Net_Session is only a part of the "Cookie" header, and the rest is missing.

I haven't set the HttpOnly flag to the cookies.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance,


— asked August 3rd 2010 by m.
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1 Comment
  • After almost one year, problem still exists. Only first cookie is accessible.

    — commented June 16th 2011 by Anton Kolenkov

1 Answer

  • Looking at the app source code I have found (in TiHTTPClient.java) that the "getResponseHeader" function seems to return only the first header:

    Header h = response.getFirstHeader(header);

    I don't understand why it is done this way.

    Could someone from the appcelerator support check whether it is a bug or not?



    — answered August 5th 2010 by m.
    • this is a known issue link to bug report is here: http://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/TIMOB-2849

      — commented June 24th 2011 by Joel Herron
    • Anyone have a hint on how to patch this? I really need this working now, and find it curious that this thread is a year old, and recent notes on TIMOB-2849 don't indicate any movement. Thanks

      — commented July 12th 2011 by karlo kilayko
    • +1 we need this, we are not able to handle multiple Set-Cookies because of this.

      — commented October 30th 2011 by Amit Soni
    • +1 Has this been solved now?

      — commented December 15th 2011 by Sharry Stowell
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