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Link to iTunes

I want to link directly to iTunes by invoking the iTunes App (NOT through safari).

Anyone know how to do this?


— asked August 3rd 2010 by Mark Smillie
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1 Answer

  • It's it pretty simple, first I suggest you to use iTunes Link Maker for the specific content you want.

    After you get the link itself you shall remove country code and content name to be more general.
    For example if you get this link:


    You can safely remove the "us" and the "keynote" and it would work on all countries:


    Pay attention that if you want to directly open the App Store/iTunes you must not remove the "at=…".

    Moreover, If you know this link would be open on a Mac you can replace the "https" with "macappstore" so it won't open safari first and open directly the store (in case that's a mac app. on iOS 7 this problem was solved if you are using this link on older versions of iOS you shall try "itms-apps" instead of the "http" to not open safari before the app store…

    Hope this clears everything out…

    — answered February 14th 2014 by Yossi Assolin
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