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[WARN] Orphaned child found during proxy transfer!

If my App runs on iPhone I see this warning:

[WARN] Orphaned child found during proxy transfer!

This is related to rows in TableView. Part of the rows are then situated on top of each other.

If my App runs in simulator everything is fine (iOS 4.0.1, Titanium Mobile build from source code)

Any suggestions?

— asked August 5th 2010 by Lukasz Radziwonowicz
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2 Answers

  • I have been suffering from the same problem. Removing the className made the rows disappear for me. They are there (I can tell by the height of the scroll window that contains them) just not visible. But I discovered that the error was being cause by the fact that I was adding a Label to a View inside the row. eg

    I found that if I add both directly to the row the problem was gone.

    Hope this help someone.

    — answered October 13th 2010 by Brendan McGinn
  • This seems to be the "className" thing. If you use a className for a row, this can happen. The documentation suggests to set the same className for each row with the same layout for a better performance, but is not very specific what the criteria are (containing the same views does not seem to be enough, sometimes).

    This is why you need to be a bit lucky to get classNames working on complex layouts. To solve the above problem, you can check if all rows with the same className really have the same layout (and othewise make them the same or change their classNames). If this does not help (which is quite likely to be the case) you will need to leave out the classNames.

    — answered August 11th 2010 by Gero Willi
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    • This is definitely className issue. I have only one type of row. I was using className property and it was working with Titanium SDK 1.3.0 and iOS 3.1.3. Now, I have updated to Ti SDK 1.4.0 and iOS 4.0.1 and if I scroll my table part of the rows are broken. According to this
      ticket I have removed the className and this problem is gone but now I have a new one. For the first time the table renders correct but if I update it (I am using setData() on table view) the labels in some rows disappear. The images in the rows are correct but the text is missing and I am getting this warning and error. If I touch the screen the labels appears immediately and sometimes they appears on itself after few seconds. This happens on the device and in simulator but in simulator they appears very quickly (under 1s.), so you have to observe precisely to see this. I tried to write a test case but with fresh project and simple table view it works fine.

      Any suggestions?

      — commented August 12th 2010 by Lukasz Radziwonowicz
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