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I have just installed the iPhone SDK 4.0.1 and Android 2.2 on to 10.6.4 OS X and Titanium Developer 1.2.1. I have 2 issues;

  1. Titanium Developer 1.2.1 crashes after 5 minutes of being open.
  2. Having added the Kitchen Sink and directing Titanium to the Android SDK the Kitchen Sink fails to load either emulator. During the iPhone build I receive the following code:


Does anyone have any ideas?


Ok just realised I had to add the Android 1.6 SDK. I have now and Titanium registers all Android SDK's. When launching the emulator with the Kitchen Sink the emulator loads and Titanium crashes. At this point Titanium will not load on my Mac.

— asked August 5th 2010 by Warrick Mole
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