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textField blur() broken in v1.4

It seems that the textField does not fire the blur event when you call the blur() method, the keyboard remains visible and the cursor is inside the field.

Iphone os4 + TI 1.4.0( and 1.4.1 )

The 1.3.2 works fine.

— asked August 11th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • 1.4.0
  • blur()
  • iphone
  • textfield

2 Answers

  • It is not working for me either, not in 1.4.0 nor 1.5.0

    For the moment, a trick that worked for me, even though it is not very elegant:

    textField.enabled = false;
    textField.enabled = true;

    Hope this helps…

    — answered December 10th 2010 by Ricardo Arguello
  • Thank you! This is still broken and your workaround saved me. Now if I can get the issue of giving focus worked out…

    — answered May 6th 2011 by Oliver Nelson
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