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Idea about change from one view to another view with animation?

Does anyone know how to change between two views with animation?

Like I have one view open and when someone click on button in to the navbar, it flip the opened view and change to another view or something like that.

Any examples??

— asked August 13th 2010 by Chirag Patel
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    create Views such as View1, view2,etc. and a master view(masterVu)…

    add all the views ie. view1,view2 to the masterVu.

    then define functions such as this

    function showView1() {

    View1.visible = True;

    View2.visible = false;

    Trigger this function when you need the View1 to POPUP…

    (do mark as the answer if this solves your problem)

    — answered August 13th 2010 by Satta Ravi
    • Thanks Ravi

      — commented August 16th 2010 by Chirag Patel
    • excellent solution. In my case I was able to use my window as the master view. +1

      — commented June 1st 2013 by Sam Matrouh
    • @Sam; why are you commenting on a 3 year old question and up voting the answer.

      If you are looking to help other look for much more recent questions that have not already been answered and that answer already accepted.

      — commented June 1st 2013 by Malcolm Hollingsworth
  • The other simple way is put all your views inside a Scrollableview…..

    check out the Link

    — answered August 13th 2010 by Satta Ravi
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