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Titanium.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition not working


On trying to invoke Titanium.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition, the callback is not returning. This was working prior to 1.4 release. Has this functionality been broken?


— asked August 16th 2010 by Gaurav Srivastva
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  • It seems to be working fine for me on iPhone. I believe, when starting up, it will initially return with the last position "saved" until it gets an update (which can take some time depending on where you are, indoors/outdoors, etc). But in any case, it always returns a position for me, at least.

    — commented August 24th 2010 by karlo kilayko

3 Answers

  • I'm not sure of your platform (android, iphone, etc.) so this might not apply. I was having troubles getting any sort of GPS data in the android emulator. Even the built-in maps app wouldn't show a location. I found a way to set mock coordinates that solved my issue. Maybe it will help you?

    First, open ddms (Dalvik Debug Monitor). On Windows, navigate to the android-sdk\tools directory and run ddms.bat. The first line in the top-left pane will read something like "emulator-####" such as emulator-5560.

    Open a command prompt window. Enter 'telnet localhost ####' substituting the number you found above. This will open a telnet window to your android emulator.

    Enter the following command (substitute your own longitude & latitude, in that order, if you'd like):

    geo fix -82.411629 28.054553

    The GPS icon will appear in the emulator's notification bar. Geolocation is now available. At this point, I could get location data in my app and in other apps, such as Maps.

    You don't have to leave the telnet session running. Closing it doesn't turn off the GPS.

    I hope this helps.

    — answered August 24th 2010 by Tim Poulsen
  • +1 - I'm having this problem too.

    — answered August 18th 2010 by Troy Taylor
  • Hey, I am still having the same problem. It only happens on 3G. For some reason, the callback for getCurrentPosition does not get called at when I am on 3G, works perfectly on wifi.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    — answered March 16th 2011 by Suchit Agarwal
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