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webview 'beforeload' event doesn't get called on android

In my aplication i am using a webview to load data from server. But the webview's 'beforeload' event is not getting called in android. Its working fine in iPhone. I am also posting the code that I'm using.

webview.addEventListener('beforeload', function(e) { Titanium.API.info('beforeload'); });

— asked August 17th 2010 by Nithin Nizam
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  • I need to add an activity indicator to a webview, and because of this bug, I can't….

    Did you ever find a workaround? If anyone can help, I'd love to have some help adding activity indicators that would show while the web page is loading after the user clicks a link in web view.


    Peter Janett


    — commented October 16th 2010 by Peter janett

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