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Threads with Python in Desktop

Does Titanium Desktop support threads at all that can access the GUI? For example, I have a python program that I want to be able to update when it receives notifications. I can't seem to get it to work as it either stalls if I use a standard loop or if I spawn a thread it seems to not update the GUI.

Any ideas/thoughts?



— asked August 17th 2010 by Rob Scheibel
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2 Answers

  • Got it figured out and thought I'd share with others in similar situations!

    WebKit is not thread safe, so python threads can not update the GUI/DOM. What you can do though is create some python functions and call them using Titanium.API.runOnMainThread(function, …) from your threads passing in the information you want to propagate to the GUI/DOM and it will update it for you on the main thread.

    Works pretty slick and keep your app working great!

    Hope it helps others!


    — answered August 19th 2010 by Rob Scheibel
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    • Can you please provide an example?

      — commented May 5th 2011 by Susana Ferreira
  • Thanks, this worked great for me.

    A note, in the new version of appcelerator. Calling the javascript function name doesn't work. You have to do window.function_name. Everything worked for me once I did thi.

    — answered November 17th 2011 by Ray Wang
    • Dang, I was really hoping this would be the answer to my question. But so far, it's not. I'm calling a js function from within a python function, and it simply does nothing (except prevent the js from executing). I need to find out how do debug.

      — commented January 24th 2012 by Murphy Randle
    • Wait a minute, that DID help, but I'm wondering how to call a Java function with parameters now. Because that isn't working.

      — commented January 24th 2012 by Murphy Randle
    • Zoink that. It didn't, I was mistaken. Where's the edit button?

      — commented January 24th 2012 by Murphy Randle
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