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showContacts multivalues


i am trying to get the Information from a selected Person.

show.addEventListener('click', function() {
        selectedPerson: function(e) {
                var firstname = e.person.firstName;
                var birthday = e.person.birthday;

I reached the Point where i need to get a multivalue. I need to get 'date' having a Label 'anniversary'.

Are there any good examples showing how to work with multivalues ?

— asked August 19th 2010 by David P.
  • anniversary
  • contacts
  • date
  • multivalue
  • person
  • showcontacts

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  • Accepted Answer

    A somewhat official example appears in this lighthouse ticket. Scroll to the example at the bottom.

    Personally, I have been having success in the simulator, but crashing always on the device, with or without custom labels.

    — answered August 19th 2010 by Mike Robinson
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    • "This is not a public project"?

      — commented July 9th 2011 by Micah Alcorn
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