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openSUSE 11.3 run problem

I can't run Titanium Developer on OpenSUSE 11.3

After the installation I have followed these instructions:

If I run the program from the command line, I will get this trace:

[09:46:04:102] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = api
[09:46:05:392] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = javascript
[09:46:05:514] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiapp
[09:46:05:538] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tifilesystem
[09:46:05:556] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiplatform
[09:46:05:689] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiui
[09:46:05:717] [Titanium.Host] [Error] Could not load module (/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/python/1.0.0/libpythonmodule.so): "Error loading module (/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/python/1.0.0/libpythonmodule.so): libpython2.5.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[09:46:05:749] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = ticodec
[09:46:05:906] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tidatabase
[09:46:05:932] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tidesktop
[09:46:05:980] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tigrowl
[09:46:06:079] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = timedia
[09:46:06:095] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = timonkey
[09:46:06:159] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tinetwork
[09:46:06:200] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiprocess
[09:46:06:226] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiworker
[09:46:06:226] [Titanium.Javascript] [Information] Loading JS path=/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/tianalytics/1.0.0/tianalyticsmodule.js
[09:46:06:257] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tianalytics
[09:46:06:257] [Titanium.Javascript] [Information] Loading JS path=/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/tinotification/1.0.0/tinotificationmodule.js
[09:46:06:259] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tinotification
[09:46:06:259] [Titanium.Javascript] [Information] Loading JS path=/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/tiprocess/1.0.0/tiprocessmodule.js
[09:46:06:260] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiprocess
[09:46:06:261] [Titanium.Javascript] [Information] Loading JS path=/home/nevalla/.titanium/modules/linux/tiworker/1.0.0/tiworkermodule.js
[09:46:06:262] [Titanium.Host] [Information] Loaded module = tiworker
*** Unable to locate valid config! Falling back to auto-detection...
*** Unable to locate PAC! Falling back to direct...
** (Titanium Developer:13824): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (Titanium Developer:13824): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded
** (npviewer.bin:13856): DEBUG: NP_Initialize
** (npviewer.bin:13856): DEBUG: NP_Initialize succeeded

(Titanium Developer:13824): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_strsplit: assertion `string != NULL' failed
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Poco::SystemException'
  what():  System exception
— asked August 19th 2010 by Lauri Nevala
  • installation
  • linux
  • opensuse

2 Answers

  • Uninstall nspluginwrapper as well.

    — answered January 12th 2011 by Greg F
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