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pause/resume events never fired?

I found inline and have implemented the pause/resume events into my app. On pause, the event is supposed to kill the stream of music in order to retrieve the phone call.

It's a no go.

I've been suggested this route by Richard Venneman as well, and had it previously implemented with no good results. Any simple debugging inside the even simply does nothing.

Any chance this may be an overlooked bug, or just an outdated method? It seems a bit funky to not be able to detect phone calls within an app.

— asked August 20th 2010 by Andrew Heebner
  • call
  • pause
  • titanium mobile
  • titanium.app.addeventlistener
  • Is it this in an iOS app?

    — commented February 16th 2012 by Eduardo Gomez
  • posting a simple example of code is always helpful

    — commented February 16th 2012 by Aaron Saunders

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