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Memory Problem with ImageView

I have searched through the entire QA section, but I haven't found an answer…

I have an image view on a window and load a remote image. The user sees it, taps a button, and I repeat the process of opening the window/loading the image.

The problem is, the images don't seem to be removed from the cache. Even when the app receives a memory warning the app says "removed 0 out of 46" (as an example).

Is there a way to clear the cache manually (through ObjC modules) or through the Titanium SDK? It doesn't seem to be managing the memory very well by itself…

— asked August 21st 2010 by Andrew Munsell
  • imageview
  • iphone
  • memory
  • Did you find any solution for your problem, I'm facing memory issues with imageViews as well.

    — commented March 19th 2011 by Alexander van der Werff
  • anyone know if there is a solution to this. It still happening 10 months later.

    — commented June 11th 2011 by Dave F
  • same problem here. I can't release my app for weeks because of this issue.

    — commented July 20th 2011 by Idan Jan
  • Idan, do you have some code that you can post??

    — commented July 20th 2011 by Anthony Decena

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