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Window navigation and management - mobile

Hi, I'm trying to work out the best way to manage windows.

By calling window.open(), it get's added to a stack.

Is there any way to inspect that stack? If I want to navigate from a certain window all they way back down to my first window, surely I need to pop all the windows off the stack?

Do I do this by keeping a list of them myself, and calling .close() on each of them?

Or is it better to use .show(), and .hide()?

I'm also trying to make sure I support resuming from interruption, back to the exact screen where I was.

Thanks very much in advance for any pointers.

— asked March 22nd 2010 by salo corgan
  • iphone
  • window

2 Answers

  • I would like to know about this too … window management seems to be really confusing in Titanium …

    — answered June 9th 2011 by Karanveer Singh
  • :/ I would like an answer too :)

    — answered March 21st 2014 by Jorge Carrasco Aravena
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