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Audio Compression / File Format


Didn't get a reply the first time so have to post here again! :(

Im just looking for anyone that can point out a slightly better audio recording format rather than the default low quality recording? I dont want to use a high quality WAV as this will be a stupidly large file size! (As ill be uploading this audio to the web)

I've tried M4A with AAC encoding but have had no luck with that as the application just crashes. Any pointers?


— asked August 23rd 2010 by Scott Robinson
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1 Answer

  • If anyone else comes across this wondering the same…

    I was testing on an iPhone 3G which dosent support AAC encoding. It just crashes when trying to encode in AAC! Apparently the phone cant handle encoding audio in AAC in realtime! (the 3GS and 4 can). Im using AUDIO_FORMAT_APPLE_LOSSLESS and AUDIO_FILEFORMAT_MP4A instead which works lovely! :)

    — answered August 27th 2010 by Scott Robinson
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    • can I know where to give AUDIO_FILEFORMAT_MP4A .
      I am working on a android app that plays aac file format song from url using createAudioPlayer.

      I gave Titanium.Media.audioFormat = Titanium.Media.AUDIO_FORMAT_AAC; it didnt work for me..but mp3 works well !!

      — commented March 25th 2011 by Primoris online
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