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Route-Me or Openstreetmap module


Has anyone built a module for route-me or openstreetmap or cloudmade.I would like to support offline maps in app.Any idea of doing this.Does anyone have an example of using a library like route-me

Please let me know


— asked August 27th 2010 by Virus Infotech
  • cloudmate
  • framework
  • offline
  • openstreetmap
  • route-me
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  • Don't know if you've managed to do what you wanted but I've managed to use OpenLayers in Titanium and to have offline maps. For me it worked the same way with the Android SDK.

    — commented August 7th 2011 by Kevin Etienne

2 Answers

  • You can find an OpenStreetMap module in the Titanium Mobile Marketplace here:
    OpenStreetMap Module

    — answered March 14th 2012 by ilan lewitus
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    • has anyone successfully integrated this module? Can provide some information or a review

      — commented June 2nd 2012 by Aaron Saunders
  • I'm also interested! Especially OpenStreetMap.

    — answered February 14th 2011 by N N
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    • I had actually tried to pay someone to build the module,tried 2 but both of them just vanished.


      — commented February 14th 2011 by Virus Infotech
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