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Recommendation: Run in Xcode to cross-check unhandled exceptions

If you are experiencing unhandled exception errors occurring inconsistently, try:

  1. delete the files (not subfolders) in the '/build/iPhone' folder, to force a full rebuild

  2. run the app in Titanium Developer and ensure the console confirms that a full rebuild is taking place, then close the app as soon as it finishes loading-up

  3. Open Xcode, navigate to the xcodeproj (checking the recency of the file date & time) and open it

  4. From the "Build" menu, select "Run and debug - breakpoints on"

I have had occasions whereby running the app directly from Xcode does not produce unhandled exceptions that are encountered when running (incremental) builds directly from Titanium Developer.


— asked August 28th 2010 by Chris Reed
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  • exceptions
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