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Gesture event triggers only once with iPhone SDK 4.0

When running the KitchenSink on simulator with iPhone SDK 4.0 and on the device with iOS 4.0, the shake example does only work once.

When opening the shake example window, the first shake gesture triggers the alert dialog box. After closing the alert dialog, there is no way to get the alert again.

It works properly on an iPhone with iOS 3.2 installed.

Does anybody have an idea how to work around this?

— asked August 29th 2010 by Eric Fesler
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  • iphone
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  • I have the same bug in kitchensink and my application.
    You can easily reproduce also with accelerometer in kitchenSink: go to phone tab then acclerometer : it works
    Then go back to phone and accelormeter again : doesn't work anymore !!

    Any workaround ?

    — commented September 11th 2010 by Lionel AMSELLI

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