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adMob - - seriously? Nothing?

I've read all the posts I can find re. admob here, and it seems there's nothing more recent than 2 moths ago. Nothing with 1.4 I can find… I know iAds is now active, but what of android, or any other advertising solution. <br>
Has anyone figured out how to effectively integrate admob into their apps and is there anything official coming down the pipes.


— asked August 30th 2010 by david hoare
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1 Answer

  • There is an AdMob module available from one of the other users here. It is an add-on but works quite effectively. http://github.com/masuidrive/TiAdMob4iPhone

    — answered August 31st 2010 by Conrad Fuhrman
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    • Can this be used for android? how do i go about installing it?

      — commented August 31st 2010 by Thomas Shurrock
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