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Soap in Android don't work


I've a little problem with SOAP. I've created an application and I need to use webServices so, like I 've seen in the Kitchen Sink, I use SOAP with the file 'suds.js' to access to my database.

It works normaly for Iphone but not for Android although it's the same code !

I've exactly the same problem in the Kitchen Sink for the sample "SOAP", it doesn't work when I try to Android Simulator.

Do you have any ideas for this problem ? Soap in Titanium works for Android ?

(I test that for the Titanium version 1.3 and 1.4).


— asked August 31st 2010 by Remi Delcourt
  • android
  • soap
  • soap.js
  • I am fighting the same problem. I have a webservice I am using that works fine with iPhone but not with Android. Very frustrating. The returns a completely different xmlDoc.

    — commented January 18th 2012 by Wayne Torrens
  • Hello Wayne,

    are you using suds or xmldoc?



    — commented January 18th 2012 by Mauro Parra

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