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Feature Request: cannot create Custom Labels when adding URLs for Contacts

I can create a contact in Titanium, and I can add URLs to the contact. I cannot, however, specify custom labels for the URLs. For example:

// Creates a contact with firstName of NULL
var contact = Titanium.Contacts.createPerson();
contact.firstName = 'Leon';
contact.URL = {
  homepage : 'http://myHomePage.com',
  Facebook : 'http://facebook.com/myFacebookPage'

var savedContact = Ti.Contacts.getPeopleWithName('Leon')[0];
Ti.API.debug( savedContact.URL );

// Returns:
// {
//    homepage : 'http://myHomePage.com',
//    URL : 'http://facebook.com/myFacebookPage'
// }

Any custom labels become "URL" when a contact is created. Is there a way to preserve the custom label?

— asked August 31st 2010 by Aaron Wheeler
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