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WYSIWUG editor for TextAreas ?


my Project is the following :

I got a textArea and a submit button, which pastes the value of the textArea into a database, which content is shown as html code on a webpage.

Now i want to make the textArea a wysiwug editor,for the beginning it would be enough to make words bold.

Since i researched alot about this editors, i came to the conclusion that normal javascript wysiwug editors in a webview don't work, due to mobile browser limitations.

I also thought about to copy a word and then have a "make bold" option in the iphone options for the copied word.

is there any way to do anything of this ?
What would be the best approach to do this ?



— asked September 1st 2010 by Rainer Friederich
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  • editor
  • text
  • wysiwug

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