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Using Sencha touch to develop and then Titanium to create the app

Has anybody taken the approach of building using HTML / Javascript / CSS (I used the Sencha Touch framework) and then trying to import the code to Itanium to create an iPhone app?

I am not getting anwhere when importing it in on Mac, getting [Error] Build Failed. Please see output for more details message.

Any help on approach will be appreciated.

— asked September 1st 2010 by jason reed
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1 Answer

  • I won't recommend doing this. Sencha is DOM oriented while Titanium translates everything in native code. Actually the only thing in common with the web is the coding language - javascript. you need to forget about DOM if you want to make fast and native apps :)

    — answered September 1st 2010 by Dan Tamas
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    • Bumb ^^ :)

      — commented June 1st 2011 by Paul Nelson
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