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NativeUI File Picker

A mobile app that i'm trying to finish requires a list of files (CSV files actually) to be displayed in a list format, Clicked on, …and Loaded (use the function LoadFile(DataFile) )

however, i'm not really sure how to do this.
Should i be using a TableView, Scrollable view…or what?
i'm not really sure were exactly to start here….

Previously this project (a flashcard app) was coded in FireFox and i used an XPcom call which would get the Directory contents, save it as an array…and i would use that array to generate a list of Clickable links which would have an onClick=LoadFile(this) connected to them.

I would like to make this app using pure NativeUI.

I suppose if it can't be done, i could scrap the whole NativeUI concept, and just dump everything into a WebView, as everything worked perfectly in FireFox/XPCOM :)
however, NativeUI is what we do here, right? LOL.

— asked September 6th 2010 by Kevin Johnson
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