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Best way to display list of messages?


This is a UI question. I have a screen with some input fields. Before the user submits the data to the server I need to do some basic validation of the entered data. That's not hard to do.

My question: What's the best way to display the validation error messages? Say there are three messages to be displayed. What's the best way to display them?

In HTML we just show them at the top of the screen, and the browser will flow the rest of the content down below the messages. In Appcelerator, we seem to position things on the UI by pixel counts, so we either have to leave a big open space for messages to fill or have the messages display over the other content. Neither open is good.

So, what's the best way to display error message content on a screen, so it's viewable but doesn't impact the rest of the content?

Thank you!!!


— asked September 7th 2010 by Ryan Asleson
  • android
  • iphone

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