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mapView addRoute bug

Setting an top and a height to a mapview will render the route invisible.
If you move the map a little the route appears.

To fix it I create the map with regionFit:false and I set it to true using a timeout with 500ms.

Also on simulator the userLocation seems not to have effect.

— asked September 10th 2010 by Dan Tamas
  • addroute
  • bug
  • mapview
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  • Hi dan i am having the same issue with my map. Whenever i move the map the route dissapears and comes back again and when i zoom in the map to see the streets the route dissapears completely. I did as you said but i got no effect. I am using 1.7.1 titanium sdk and 4.2 iphone sdk. The thread to my question is This

    — commented July 26th 2011 by nWorks Technologies

3 Answers

  • Thank you for your info! Works great!

    — answered September 21st 2010 by Felix Krause
  • Doesn't work for me

    — answered December 1st 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
  • Fixed in 1.5.0 GM

    — answered December 14th 2010 by Vitali Virulaine
    • Unfortunately this is not true. 1.5.0 still has the same problem. Please check before you answer.

      — commented December 15th 2010 by Christopher Fox
    • Agreed, I'm testing on 1.5.1 and this is still a bug.

      — commented December 23rd 2010 by Justin Toth
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