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Tips or techniques for solid file handling in iPad app

Hello all, I'm building an iPad app that has file management capabilities such as copy, move, delete and rename file(s).

My current functionality is this:

  1. Browse and select multiple files.
  2. Select a 'management' option - copy, move, delete, etc
  3. Select a destination folder for selected files
  4. Then execute 'management' option on selected files.

When 'management' option is fired I loop thru an array of selected files - each loop does a file.exists() check and acts accordingly…but that's about it…Any suggestions or tips as to what I can do to ensure stable and solid file handling? Any way to do a callback or something on file.copy(), file.move(), file.write() to check for success or failure during the loop?

— asked September 12th 2010 by Kelly Redd
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