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Warning evaluating a JSON string.

I have an array of JSON strings. When the application try to evaluate them like

var x = eval(Posts[4])

where Posts is the array of JSON strings. I receive a warning dialog that ask me to kill the process or continue. The dialog says the following text.

"Calling eval() with anything other than a primitive string value will simply return the value. Is this what you Intended?"

If I click continue it will continue the execution of the application and works fine. Inclusive the eval() return the correct data even-though there was a warning.

Is there any way to remove that warning? Does I'm doing something wrong?

— asked September 13th 2010 by Miguel Gandia
  • android
  • eval()
  • json
  • mobile

2 Answers

  • Try using

    var x = JSON.parse(Posts[4]);
    — answered September 13th 2010 by Satta Ravi
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    • Thanks for the response. When I use JSON.parse it has an error of "IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch"

      This is the object that I'm using.


      and this is the value of one of the instances of the array.


      The error is when this is called myPosts.ImageURL(a)


      — commented September 13th 2010 by Miguel Gandia
  • I solve my problem changing the way of the "JSON" arrray. Now is a Class array. This is the final code…


    — answered September 13th 2010 by Miguel Gandia
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