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Bug: TiBlog empty when allowEditing:false on Media.openPhotoGallery


I'd like to confirm that it's a bug that TiBlob is empty when allowEditing:false is used on Media.openPhotoGallery? I've tried to get the size of the blob, which is 0 after using allowEditing:false. When using allowEditing:true it shows the correct size.

— asked September 13th 2010 by Maurice
  • blob
  • iphone
  • length
  • media.openphotogallery
  • mobile
  • zero
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  • Strange… When allowEditing:false for both openPhotoGallery and camera, I also get a 0 size blob, but just in the Simulator. On the iPhone it works just fine.

    — commented September 22nd 2010 by matt raj

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