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Sales, licensing and deployment questions

I have some sales, licensing and deployment questions for the AppCelerator team.

  1. Do I need to buy a license from Appcelerator before I can put apps onto the app store, and what is the process for this?

  2. Do I need to buy Professional or Enterprise packages before putting Appcelerator apps onto the appstore?

  3. Could you explain the process for deployment in detail? For example, I have an app done in Appcelerator and want to get it into the app store – what do I do? Do I need to get it approved by you?

  4. The "Professional" package is $199/developer/month – could you give a case study example of how this works?

Would the developer test my apps, what would this developer do? I assume the developer does not make the app for me?

Do they do Unit tests, stress tests? Your sales page gives no indication of what the developer does – so I'm struggling to understand what the developer is for.

  1. Justify the $199 / developer / month cost when Apple's own SDK is $99 per year.

  2. Lets assume I've just finished an app and paid for $199 package for 1 month and the app is ready to launch; do I still need to pay the $199 post-launch?

  3. Does the "Building Native Apps" Training courses come with any code examples?

— asked September 13th 2010 by zardon
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    As far as I've seen, you do not need to buy any license to bundle and redistribute your apps in the App Store, Android Market, or any sideload procedure you wish to employ.

    Appcelerator Titanium is an open source product. The Professional and Enterprise options are for support, training, analytics (one week trailing for the free subscription, 18 months trailing for the $199 a month subscription), and early access to pre-release product advancements like Titanium for Blackberry.

    For example, if you're happy posting your questions here on the Q&A, waiting for other community members to post an answer, or waiting even longer (if at all) for an official Appcelerator staffer to post an answer, then pay nothing. If you want the premium support portal, then you pay $199 a month. The "per developer" is per developer in your company who is programming with Appcelerator and needs access to the Professional features. They do not assign you a developer.

    If you buy the $699 a month subscription, you also get "critical issue resolution," which I believe means your bugfix and feature requests get significant priority over general fix and feature issues and you may get new SDK components that address those requests ASAP instead of waiting for the periodic update releases.

    — answered September 13th 2010 by Greg Bulmash
  • Same questions here…

    On product page (http://www.appcelerator.com/products/titanium-cross-platform-application-development/) you can read "Free and open-source,
    Appcelerator licenses Titanium under the Apache 2 license and is free for both personal and commercial use.", so I suppose we don't need to buy anything to distribute apps ?

    — answered September 13th 2010 by Pascal PLUCHON
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