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Problems with TableView on Android


I have two problems with the TableView and I hope someone can help me?

  • Is it possible to change the color of the line seperator?

  • When I launch my app on the emulator (1.6, HVGA) it looks pretty good but on my HTC Desire (2.2, 480x800), the row seperators alternately have a height of 1 or 2 pixels.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

— asked September 15th 2010 by yves hohl
  • android
  • seperator
  • tableview

1 Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    Well there are two properties (separatorColor / separatorStyle) that could be affecting this, or you could have a border on the rows that is causing them to look spaced out?

    — answered September 15th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
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    • Thanks, separatorColor is what I was looking for!

      — commented September 15th 2010 by yves hohl
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