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Install help

Hello. trying to install. It semi works but get errors.trying to create new project. says android sdk was found. when I fill out info and hit create I get project creation error. (forgot to add: this is only with platform: mobile)here are some details from cli:

[15:28:18:972] [Titanium.API] [Information] (JavaScript.KKJSList) [ "/opt/titanium/mobilesdk/linux/1.4.0/project.py", "test1", "com.charlesw.test1", "/development/suites/Titanium Developer-1.2.1/projects", "android", "/opt/android-sdk", ]
** Message: console message: file:///home/charles/.titanium/modules/linux/tiui/1.0.0/ui.js @139: /opt/titanium/mobilesdk/linux/1.4.0/project.py,test1,com.charlesw.test1,/development/suites/Titanium Developer-1.2.1/projects,android,/opt/android-sdk

Unable to locate valid config! Falling back to auto-detection… Unable to locate PAC! Falling back to direct…

— asked September 15th 2010 by charles wright
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