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Display PDF files in Android

Is there a way to display PDF files in Android? I have tried the examples using a webview, but only get a blank page. It seems PDF files are not supported by default?

Can I download and bundle some kind of framework with my application that will handle the display of PDFs?

— asked September 16th 2010 by Kjetil Rohde Jakobsen
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  • I also need to display a PDF file in an android app. Has anyone found a method?

    — commented October 20th 2010 by Mike Hopkins
  • Why in the world do pdf docs open just fine in a webview for iOS but not for Android and Blackberry OS? This is very frustrating for developers trying to build cross-platform apps that handle pdfs. :(

    As I understand, it is the OS that is holding us back and not Titanium.

    — commented July 12th 2011 by Eric Whitlock

7 Answers

  • you can open it using third parity
    [Google viewer]
    and then put the generated link in openurl

    — answered September 10th 2011 by Haya aziz
  • I created a Titanium module(in Java) that converts a pdf file into images (page by page), and saves it in the SDcard. Then created a reader layout using a Webview with next and previous buttons on top, to display these images page by page.

    — answered March 14th 2012 by Andrew Austin
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    • P.S: I used AndPdf open source code as reference to create the module project.

      — commented March 14th 2012 by Andrew Austin
  • You'll need to integrate a native library. We are working to integrate PDFRender SDK with Appcelerator.
    I'll update you when ready.

    — answered August 14th 2012 by Dario Finardi
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    • Has the PDFRender SDK been inlcuded yet?

      — commented May 28th 2013 by Craig Conover
  • if you need to open/view PDF file in your own app go to the marketplace Android PDF Reader. The demo is available to see how does it look like

    — answered December 24th 2013 by Ario Barzan
  • Well, hopefully Mike Hopkins found an answer already, but in case he didn't…

    If the user has a PDF reader, you can open PDFs using Ti.Platform.openURL() like this:


    This also works for PDFs you have downloaded to the user's phone.

    — answered November 8th 2010 by Dawson Toth
  • You'll need to instruct your users to install a PDF reader. You can't bundle apps at this time.

    — answered September 25th 2010 by Don Thorp
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    • Provided the user has a PDF reader installed, what next? The webview in Android doesn't seem to handle PDF mimetype.

      — commented October 20th 2010 by Mike Hopkins
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