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touchEnabled on Android, and view event interaction

OK, I realise, since finding the following ticket, that there is no touchEnabled support on Android yet:

#951 android-support-touchenabled

First of all, this makes the comment at the top of view_event_interaction.js of the KS very confusing:


Although, frustratingly, this is presently the same for much of the KS.

Anyway, disregarding that issue, I have amended the code as follows:


I hope someone will help me understand the following problems that still exist:

  1. Clicking on the two labels at the top (ie "click on box", "click on label") causes them to flash. Why is this?
  2. Although view1 (the overlay) completely covers the purple box and its label, a click on it is not detected and it still allows the clicks to propagate to the box and label below. There is probably a simple explanation, but I am not sure I understand why this is. Would someone shed some light on this please?


— asked September 17th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • android
  • emulator
  • touchEnabled now works for android in 1.4.X

    — commented November 5th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • It doesn't for me. Please elaborate?

    — commented November 23rd 2010 by Martin Juell
  • titanium always screw up android platform!! always!!! this is SUX

    — commented June 28th 2011 by stanly jr
  • stanly jr: what are you talking about here? this was fixed months ago? are you still having an issue?

    — commented June 28th 2011 by Matt Apperson
  • it I set touchEnabled = false on a tableview, it gets totally ignored. SDK 1.7.3 , android.

    — commented October 17th 2011 by Alberto Marcone
  • You should report the bug on the issue tracker.

    — commented October 23rd 2011 by Sindre Sorhus

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