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Adding Android to my package and test screen.

I have an application running in the iPhone simulator, but I don't seem to have a tab for android. How do I set that up? Also, when I ran the Kitchen Sink app I couldn't get it to find the iphone or android sdk on the test and package screen. I fixed this for iphone by applying a patch that I found which fixes titanium to work with itunes 10. I was never able to get android to work though. Is there a similar patch for android?

UPDATE: My android sdk path was wrong. So I got the sdk, etc. showing up for the kitchen sink now. Just need that android tab on my other projects.

UPDATE: I have an android tab in the Run On Device Section and it says my project is not configured to run for android. How do I configure it?

UPDATE: I found the new android.py and loaded that up. I now have an android tab for the emulator test & package section. However, when I click launch, the only thing that happens is the stop button is disabled. Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I swapped out the new android.py for the old one and now I can build for the android and run it in the emulator. But since then I can no longer launch the iphone simulator. It builds it for the iphone but doesn't go any further. What the hell is going on?

— asked September 17th 2010 by Brandon Tate
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