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accelerator updaterate

hi everyone
im new to appcelerator titanium and i wonder if its possible to increase the updaterate of the accelerometer. if im right im getting only all 91ms an update from the axis and i need more.
is it possibl to push the rate of measuring? or do i need to work with that info i got from it?

— asked September 20th 2010 by Ramona Vincenti
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2 Answers

  • I encountered similar problem and here is my own solution.

    Open your project by Xcode.
    Update AccelerometerModule.m
    [[UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer] setDelegate:self];

    ABOVE the line, add the following code;

    [[UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer] setUpdateInterval:(1.0/ [SAMPLING HZ])];

    [SAMPLING HZ] is the rate you want to use ; e.g. SAMPLING HZ = 50 = 20ms

    BUILD and RUN ; test it on your device.

    — answered October 28th 2010 by Tom Hui
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    • This worked great! Thanks. And I'll add — if you modify the SDK's Titanium project, the changes will be reflected every time you build in Titanium Studio (need to clean your projects first). Here's the path:

      ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/[YOUR-SDK-VERSION]/iphone/iphone/Titanium.xcodeproj

      — commented October 21st 2012 by Jonathan Beebe
  • hi guys,
    is there a way to pass a variable from javascript to object-c code?

    i'd like to have something like that in javascript code:

    var setUpdateInterval = 50;

    and in object-c code have this:
    [[UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer] setUpdateInterval:(1.0/50)];

    so i can change the update interval from javascript.


    — answered March 16th 2011 by Enrico Vedovo
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    • Has anything happened with this? It would be great to have control of the update rate from JS.

      — commented July 10th 2013 by Joseph Beuckman
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