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Importing HTML on the fly?

Hey all!

I have a client who's interested in what I think is a pretty non-standard use of Titanium, so I'm wondering if it's actually possible. They want to:

  1. Load the app on the device.
  2. Grab an HTML page that includes a form from the web.
  3. Present this form to the user within the app.
  4. Grab the user's input on submit and process it within the app.

The idea is that the form might change (style, layout, etc.), with the updates then being reflected within the app rather than requiring the app to be updated.

It seems like this would require a small web server accepting connections on the device… is that plausible, or is there another way to handle it?


— asked September 20th 2010 by Xiu Thao
  • html
  • import
  • server

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