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Still cannot create a project?!

"Project creation error: Error creating project. Please try again" ?!?!

I can't believe this. This project creation problem existed 5 months ago when I first evaluated this Appcelerator thing. Now when I tried to re-evaluate it by installing the latest and supposedly greatest version, I still got the same problem! The KitchenSink sample project is running though. But isn't it frustrating to see something like this happen when a team of engineers try to give it a second chance while seeing a 5 months old issue persisting? It drives some people instantly back to that ugly Objective-C.

There are other issues as well. For example, there is always this iphone/android SDK loading problem that takes place on Mac OS and Ubuntu etc. that requires manual fixes - hardly is there a smooth installation of this Titanium stuff without a problem, ever.

We hate to do Objective-C and neither do we like PhoneGap. But Titanium isn't ready for prime time, or is it?

— asked September 21st 2010 by c leung
  • I would recommend to try out the latest TiSDK and the studio. The latest studio allows user to configure the system with much smoother experience. The studio dashboard has option to configure the iOS & Android SDK. Please give it a try and let me know if you run into any issue. We would love to take your feedback for further user experience enhancement. Thanks for using the Appcelerator products.

    — commented June 29th 2013 by Shak Hossain
  • Why would you bother with a 3 year old question like this one?
    It's obvious that this issue isn't relevant today.

    — commented July 2nd 2013 by Christian Brousseau

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