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Way to detect running in simulator?

I'm looking for ways either to detect I'm running in the simulator, or have some different build configuration so that I can have my application use a different URL for the web service it contacts. Typical case is, when I'm doing development, I want the app to talk to the web server running on my local machine. But, when I setup the app for Ad Hoc testing on iPhone, and distribute to phones, etc. I want it to use a public web server.

What are some solutions for this kind of thing?

— asked September 22nd 2010 by Christopher Bailey
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2 Answers

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    Try something like this…..

    if (Titanium.Platform.model == 'google_sdk' || Titanium.Platform.model == 'Simulator') {
    //Whatever is unique to simulator

    — answered September 22nd 2010 by Mike Robinson
    • Thanks, that's working great!

      — commented September 23rd 2010 by Christopher Bailey
    • Genymotion emulator get output:

      Google Nexus 4 - 4.2.2 - API 17 - 768x1280

      or something similar.

      — commented May 16th 2014 by Andrey Tkachenko
  • Watch out : with SDK 1.8, Titanium.Platform.model does not return "Simulator" anymore in iOS, but "x86_64" for instance.

    Here is what I've got :
    [INFO] model = x86_64
    [INFO] name = iPhone OS
    [INFO] version = 5.0
    [INFO] ostype = 32bit
    [INFO] osname = ipad

    — answered November 17th 2011 by Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier
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    • I confirmed this, and regardless of device I am getting osname= iPad.

      — commented November 23rd 2011 by Juan Bermudez
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