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JSON.stringify() differences between Android and iPhone

The following:

  var data = { 
    'user' : { 
      'email' : emailField.value, 
      'password' : passwordField.value 
  parsed = JSON2.stringify(data);

Yields different results between Android(1.6 and 2.1) and iPhone(3.1) simulators (Titanium mobile 1.0):

  • iPhone: parsed is: {"user":{"email":"asdf","password":"adsf"}}
  • Android: parsed is: {"user":"{"email":"asdf","password":"asdf"}"}

I found that if I included the json2.js reference code from json.org, the results are inline with the iPhone results.

Anyone have any idea why the two platforms would be so different?

— asked March 24th 2010 by Mitch Shields
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