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Crashing Bugs in Titanium Desktop

I'm running Titanium Desktop 1.2.1 on OSX with the Titanium SDK v1.0.0 (the most recent one, I think).

When I run my app, Titanium presents a very irregular behavior. Most of the times it runs normally, but many times the application crashes without any apparent reason (not even an error message in the console), just the option to send an error report. There is also the more rare "in between" possibility, in which the app starts but does nothing (no scripts are run. This is especially noticeable when my first instruction is an alert() which fails to appear). Note that all these situations may occur without any change in the code whatsoever. I sometimes get the three in a row (e.g. I run the app, it crashes. I re-run it, it shows but does nothing. I run it a third time and it finally works).

Is this bug normal in Titanium or am I doing something wrong here? I'm starting to get frustrated with this (and wondering what other bugs there may be…).

— asked September 28th 2010 by Filipe Silva
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2 Answers

  • Did you ever find out what was causing this?

    — answered August 31st 2011 by Sam Jordan
  • I'm having the same problem with Titanium Studio build Anyone find any solutions or causes?

    — answered March 19th 2012 by Jeff Denton
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