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can you reposition a view without using an animation?

is it possible to set top, left or center.x and center.y on a view, after it has already been created in a specific location? it's not working for me; the only thing working is to use an animation with a duration of 0. however, sometimes, there is a flicker.

example code:
view1.center.x = view2.center.x; view1.center.y = view2.center.y;


view1.animate({center:{x:view2.center.x, y:view2.center.y}, curve:Ti.UI.ANIMATION_CURVE_LINEAR, duration:0});

— asked September 28th 2010 by dave vanderkloot
  • imageview
  • position
  • view

2 Answers

  • yes.

    it won't animate when activated, but all you have to do is call it:

    button1.addEventListener('click', function() {
      view1.top = 5;
      view1.left = 10; 
    — answered April 9th 2012 by Vince Baskerville
  • I don't know if it will work on a view (I don't see why not) but as an experiment I successfully animated a Button just using a for loop to alter the button's 'top' value.


    — answered June 19th 2012 by Robin Williams
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