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Titanium slow and freezes on first load

I have just installed this Titanium Developer and when trying to sign up it said something like "timed out, make sure you are online", then I tried submitting my signup information again and it said my email is already in use (which means it DID sign up the first time, but still gave me that time out error).

So I try to sign in, and it times out again the first time, then logs in the 2nd time.

After finally logging in I click "New Project" and the programs lags for a second to load the form, I then click the listbox for "Project type" and the program freezes!

What is going on? :(

Edit: now I just filled in the New Project form and clicked create and it logged me out and showed me the Sign Up / Login screen again..??

— asked March 25th 2010 by Jason Bush
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1 Answer

  • Titanium Developer is really slow to log into, it will time out 9/10 times, very bad impression for first time installation, I seen the Stanford Video and was very excited.
    I mean, why do you need to log in to use a desktop application anyway, I hope the issues are sorted out soon and its not my 10mb connection that was the problem.

    — answered April 26th 2011 by liam donaghy
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