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Application Rejection - UIBackgroundModes Audio

I just received a rejection notice from Apple that my update app was reject due to UIBackgroundModes Audio being in the plist. It was my understanding that this was not to auto compile as of 1.4.1. I read a post on it. This is the second time that the application was rejected, the first time It was due to the application crashing after splash screen. Even though I tested the submitted code I was not able to repeat a crash on any testing device that I had. I rebuild the application with the latest build 1.4.2 from Git. Although, this last rejection they didn't say that the application was crashing.

I managed to get the plist file to compile and not be over written by TI builder using this information "custom Plist" http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/51821/uiapplicationexitsonsuspend-still-working-in-140

Is there a way to not have the UIBackgroundModes Audio in the next version auto build into the plist with option that aren't needed? I didn't read anywhere on the TI site that this was being compiled automatic in the plist file or needed toe removed until it was rejected. Rejected=lost time as it takes 7 days for apple to even review the app. Now after resubmitting I have to wait "my turn" as apple states. I originally submitted the app on Sept 14th.

— asked October 7th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick
  • 1.42
  • 4.1
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