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General Planning for First Project: balance between js and html?

I was able to get the kitchen sink compiled and running on my Droid X dreamingly fast. AMAZING!

For my first app, I'm hoping to making a ball centered on the screen, and move it around based on the accelerometer. Simplish aye?

Do you recommend that I create the graphics and keep it all strictly js like I'm seeing in the kitchen sink examples? Or, would it be OK to create some HTML and get the js to attach to it?

I suppose I'm used to creating the HTML/graphics first, then adding the js to make it more interesting. Do I need to reverse my thought process for Titanium mobile apps?

Thanks for your general feedback in advance. :)


— asked October 10th 2010 by Christopher Stevens
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  • To partially answer my own question:
    -Use js for performance reasons
    -HTML/CSS requires a web view, requiring more memory, maybe not needed for a moving ball on a screen
    -Beauty is still possible with js api, I just need to get used to using it with Titanium
    -more related info at: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/71/what-happened-to-html–css

    — commented October 10th 2010 by Christopher Stevens

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    In other words - forget HTML - or at least until you get used with Titanium.
    Webviews have their reasons to exist, but the use of its needs to be done very carefully exactly for what you said - performance.

    — answered October 10th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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