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Custom ProgressBar using a Slider

Well this isn't a question, but a solution for past and possible future question on the subject.

A few weeks ago, searching for a way to customize at least the colors of a ProgressBar in iOS, my ticket sent me to tenderapp discussions.

I was a little sad with that as you can imagine. But with my endless intelligence (right..) I've come up with a way of archiving just what I needed for a music player progress bar. Here's the part of the code that matters:

    var progress = Ti.UI.createView({
        width: 220,
        height: 'auto',
        backgroundColor: 'transparent',
        bottom: 5
    var progress_bar = Ti.UI.createSlider({
        min: 0,
        value: 0,
        thumbImage:'../images/empty_thumb.png' // just to "hide" it

After adding you "progress" to wherever you want, you control the values using "progress_bar" (just in case it didn't make sense before :p)

— asked October 11th 2010 by Marco Ferreira
  • custom
  • iphone
  • progressbar
  • slider
  • nice hack :D

    — commented October 11th 2010 by Juan Felipe Alvarez Saldarriaga
  • How does this let you customize the progress bar colors? Sliders don't seem to have a color option either.

    — commented May 2nd 2012 by Roman Chang
  • I have the same question, how to customize the slider bar color?

    — commented November 18th 2012 by hengdi zhang
  • you can change slider bar colors by changing rightTrackImage and leftTrackImage.

    — commented January 21st 2013 by Tanel Teemusk

1 Answer

  • great idea

    — answered July 8th 2011 by Alberto Marcone
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