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Google Gears support

I was trying to find out what type of support Appcelerator had for Google Gears and was only able to find one blog entry dated back in 2008: http://www.appcelerant.com/google-gears-powered-appcelerator.html

I understand there's other options for offline support but I already have a webpage that implements the LocalServer feature of Gears and am wondering if that's supported by Appcelerator.

And if so, do I need to do anything special when initializing Gears besides what's already happening with gears_init.js?

[UPDATE: To answer my own question, it seems that back in the day Appcelerator was build with a strand of Gears but was re-build on something called Kroll. Therefore, no Gears support – at least none on iPhone.]

— asked October 12th 2010 by Pearl Chen
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