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Possible bug in Ti.UI.Media.VideoPlayer, when using bgColor og bgGradient?


I've been playing around with an App containing a video player, which has a remote video file.

Everything seems to be working, besides when I stress test it, by opening and closing the video player (it's fullscreen player, so closing is pressing "done") again and again.

After some times it seems like the video player isn't attached properly or is being hidden for some reason. I can hear the video playing, but nothing is visible, and the app is know dead (as of the fact, that it's playing in fullscreen). I can though see the background color og background gradient for the player - but the "loading" symbol isn't visible at all. If I don't set any background properties, the loading symbol is visible, and I can't recreate the issue.

Can anyone confirm this?

— asked October 15th 2010 by Daniel Juhl Mogensen
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