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Capturing Video on iPhone


Is there an easy way to setup a process to capture video and push it to an rtmp stream?



— asked October 19th 2010 by Jim Janovich
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2 Answers

  • Not that I'm aware of. You can record a video and save it then send it to a server for rtmp streaming. But not 'live', as far as I know.

    — answered October 19th 2010 by Kosso
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    • what about now? can we do it? is there any temporary file for recording video which we can access before complete event?

      — commented October 26th 2011 by tosun pasa
  • i've been looking for a method to make a video capture app not using intend, developing a direct method, where can i get some information about? i want to capture the video and send it to a server automatically when done…is this easily done?

    — answered March 7th 2012 by milton ortiz
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