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Can't Upgrade to 1.4.1

I'm running version 1.2.1 and it notified me that there was an upgrade to 1.4.1 available, which I click to try and install it. Nothing happened and now I can't figure out how to update my installation. If I uninstall it and reinstall with the latest installer, I'm still running 1.2.1. Selecting "repair installation" from the installer doesn't work either. This is Windows XP, by the way. Any suggestions?

— asked October 20th 2010 by John Williams
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    the 1.4.1 refers to mobile sdk not environment(developer)

    if in current project go to edit select titanium sdk will give you 1.4.1 option if installed
    click save, you will have to do that for each project to 'upgrade' to 1.4.1

    — answered October 20th 2010 by Robert Greenock
  • Ah, okay… that makes sense. I was having trouble getting the Android emulator to work and assumed this issue had something to do with it. As it turned out, I had the java 1.6 jdk installed but still had the 1.5 version in my JAVA_HOME environment variable. Updating this corrected everything… aside from the fact that the Android emulator is too slow to use.

    — answered October 21st 2010 by John Williams
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